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D6 Athlete of the Week - Rylee Beck

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"Rylee is a pleasure to coach and have on our team. She leads by example and is one of our hardest working players. She is always striving to make herself and those on the team better. She is a great leader, and it is like having another coach on the team. She finished up her basketball season on a high note helping her team make the 2nd round of the playoffs, and has jumped right into the soccer season. We are looking forward to watching her play this year. She is hungry to be the best version of herself, and it shows each day in all that she does." - Tom Beck, Soccer Coach


Student Name: Rylee BeckD6 Athlete of the Week Rylee Beck 2024

School: Northridge High School

Grade: Senior

Sport(s): Soccer and Basketball

Position(s): Soccer - Attacking Midfielder; Basketball - Shooting Guard

Stats: Defensive Player of the Year

Tell us about your greatest athletic achievement to date:

"Made the Sweet 16 in both soccer and basketball."


What are your goals for this season? 

"To win a state championship."


How do athletics make you a better student?

"Athletics make me a better student because it helps me to be disciplined and focused." 


What mental tool do you use when you're under pressure?

"Taking deep breaths and talking with my dad." 


What are your career or college plans after you graduate high school?

"Attend Concord University to play division two soccer, and study Health Sciences - Pre Physical Therapy." 


What advice do you have for younger athletes who want to join your sport?

"Do as many things and be as involved as you can with your school/community during your high school career. And, never take anything for granted." 


What is your favorite song to listen to prior to competing?

"'Diamonds by Rihanna." 


What is your go-to Pre-Competition food?

"Fruit snacks."