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Schools Open April 18th


Dear District 6 Families:


I again appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work through the statewide threat that caused the closing of our schools today. We are now confident that threat no longer exists, and we are looking forward to welcoming our students back to school tomorrow, Thursday, April 18. We will be open and operating on a regular schedule.


Although there was no direct threat to schools in Greeley and Evans, my leadership team and I have been meeting regularly today, as well as with local law enforcement officials, to formulate our response and ensure our students and staff are safe. We also met this afternoon with all district principals and assistant principals to update them, emphasize our safety protocols, and remind them of the importance of being vigilant and highly aware. We have been on conference calls with state and federal authorities this afternoon to receive the latest updates on this situation.


We are very grateful for our local, state and federal law enforcement partners and those who helped bring a quick end to this threat. We are also very fortunate to have a partnership with North Range Behavioral Health. Members of their staff and our district Crisis Response Team will be available to support your children or you if the need arises. Our staff care very deeply for our students. Please reach out to your principal or assistant principal if you need assistance.


In addition to our regular School Resource Officers, there will be heightened police presence around our schools tomorrow and Friday in both Greeley and Evans. As you know, all our elementary, K-8, and middle schools, Jefferson Junior and Jefferson High Schools are locked down during the day with a video monitoring system that requires visitors to buzz in. We will also have additional security measures in place at our comprehensive high schools.


Please know that we take any threat against our schools very seriously and we always err on the side of being more cautious in dealing with a potential threat. I also want to remind our families that you are an important part of all our efforts to keep our children safe. If you or your child ever hears anything that could be interpreted as a threat against students, schools or school staff, you need to report it immediately to the principal or assistant principal at your school or contact law enforcement by calling 9-1-1. You can also call Safe-2-Tell at 1-877-542-7233. This is an anonymous, statewide tip line, and these communications come directly to our Chief Security Officer at District 6. For your assistance, I have attached again materials that will help guide you in conversations you may be having with children regarding this threat.


I want to thank you again for your support during this incident. We are District 6, and it takes all of us to ensure our students are healthy, safe and learning. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your principals or assistant principals if you have any questions or concerns.


Kind Regards,


Deirdre Pilch, EdD


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