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Greeley West Student Leaders Help Create Inclusive Culture

The motto for this year’s senior class at Greeley West High School is “Be the Change.” 


That phrase has an especially powerful meaning for three Spartan leaders, who are working to create a positive, inclusive culture at their high school.


“We can all be great. We can all instill change. We can all be the change,” said Samirah Providence, the Greeley West Student Council president. “Growing up I have always been the only Black girl in the room. And it was quite isolating; it was quite lonely. It wasn’t until I got to high school I thought to myself, ‘You know what? I can either stay afraid and lonely with all this shame on my back, or I can start sticking up for myself.’”


Three strong, intelligent, determined women of color have emerged as leaders at Greeley West High School, bringing a mission for inclusion, education and kindness to the Spartan community. In addition to Samirah, Yasmine Adam is serving as the Student Council Vice President, and Zanayah Shanks is the junior representative and will lead as Student Council President next year.


“For me, it was about taking back the narrative,” Yasmine said. “Everyone painted this picture of you and what you should be and how you should be doing it.”


“I am half black and half white. I was judged” Zanayah echoed. “I have had to learn to stick up for myself.”