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District 6 Volunteer Program

The Greeley-Evans School District 6 Board of Education has adopted volunteer policies in an effort to improve safety at all District 6 schools. 


All visitors to any non-charter District 6 schools will need to present a form of identification at the front office in order to visit with your student. Volunteers will also need to present identification to log into the school at which they are serving. 


Forms of identification that are accepted include a state driver's license, a state ID, a military ID< a Mexican consulate ID and a passport. Once the ID is scanned and the identification of the visitor is verified, a visitor or volunteer badge will be printed out and must be worn the entire time a person is in the school. Visitors and volunteers must also sign out at the office before they leave. 


To register as a volunteer in District 6, visit To read the visitor and volunteer policies, visit and click on the Policy Manual.