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How to Improve WiFi

Sometimes the issue with the WiFi is the location and placement of the modem….

Check with your Community Office, HOA, or a neighbor to find out if the Internet access is good. From there, call your Internet provider to get a new modem. Set up the new modem and use the tips below. 

Tips to improve WiFi 

1) Set the modem on a shelf 5 feet high or more if possible

2) Point the modem toward the widest part of the room (like you would a fan)

3) Remove all objects right  in front of the modem

4) Turn off other items using the WiFi in the house - to the best you can- smart TVs, cloud-based devices and smart speakers like Alexa, Google Assistant

5) Close any open tabs not related to the class - especially any videos, music, and picture files. 

6) Clear the Cache every time before you close the computer

7) If none of the above helps - then Join the video call with video, let the teacher know you are present, wait until they see you, then remind them that you will turn off the video until it's time for you to respond or if they ask a question you want to answer. Less video use requires less bandwidth on the computer.