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ALERT: False statements on social media

We wanted to address some disturbing social media comments and posts circulating that contain false and harmful defamatory statements. A resident is sharing false information that a child was assaulted while at school. She has posted this misinformation on numerous social media sites and it has been widely shared, despite being previously directed to cease and desist from making any further false and harmful defamatory statements. THIS INFORMATION IS COMPLETELY FALSE AND SHOULD NOT BE BELIEVED OR SHARED. There were two alleged incidents reported to the Evans, Colorado Police Department, who thoroughly investigated and deemed the allegations were false. The person spreading this misinformation has been issued a Cease and Desist Letter by District 6. District 6 is now looking into taking legal action against this person and possibly others who are disseminating, forwarding, or otherwise sharing these false and defamatory statements. 


Due to the continued posting and sharing of these false and harmful defamatory statements, and out of an abundance of concern for the safety and welfare of all individuals named in these baseless allegations, District 6 is temporarily eliminating the comment section on its District Facebook Page for users. Once we halt the spread of these harmful, false and defamatory statements, we will reinstate the comments section. Please feel free to reach out to Chief of Communications Theresa Myers,, with any questions about this issue. We are very sorry and hope to resolve this problem quickly. Thank you for your patience.