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Chappelow Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


Creating a safe environment for all who enter our parking lot is a high priority.  We ask your help by adhering to the following:

Only approved daycare vans are allowed to load and unload in the daycare van area. During drop-off and pick-up times, cars will not be allowed to utilize the van area. We issue a set number of daycare van passes each year to avoid overcrowding of this space.  If you require a daycare van pass, please contact our front office.

The east lot is reserved for staff parking.  Parents are asked to NOT use this lot for drop-off or pick-up unless specifically approved by the front office. Students are unable to enter the building through the staff entrance on the east side of the building as that entrance is always locked.

The south lot is for dropping off and picking up students. This is designed to be a “moving lane.” Please join the back of the line, slowly moving forward until you reach the school-designated drop off/pick-up location. After dropping off or picking up your student, please immediately proceed to the stop sign, where there is a right-hand turn lane. For everyone’s safety, you will only be permitted to turn right out of the south lot.  If you would prefer to walk your child in to the building, you will need to find a parking space in the south lot. You must then park, exit the car with your child, and escort them across the crosswalk. Pulling into a parking spot only to drop off your child will not be permitted. Cars left unattended along the curb are subject to ticket and tow by the Evans PD.