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Young Chautauqua 2018-2019

  • first meeting

To see a list of possible characters for this year, CLICK HERE!

  • Young Chautauqua- In Young Chautauqua, a nationally-recognized Colorado program, young scholars portray historical figures. Through monologues and question-and-answer sessions, young scholars--in and out of character--engage audiences in lively discussions with people from the past, and then provide insight into historical study. Students in grades 4 through 12 throughout Colorado participate in our Young Chautauqua program. 

Young Chautauqua will formally begin at Chappelow in January, but you can start thinking and reading about characters now. This year's theme is simply "Positive Impact." You can select any person (no longer living) who has had a positive impact on our world--in large or small ways.

 Click here for a list of possible characters.

Elementary students should prepare a 3-5 minutes monologue; secondary students should plan for 5-7. Limiting the length of presentation will require students to focus on answering the 3 guiding questions:

1. Why should my character be remembered in history?

2. What was the historical context of my character? (what else was happening in the world during my character's life) 

3. What were some hardships in my character's life and how did he/she deal with them? )

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