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4th & 5th grade musical: The Magic Treehouse: The Knight at Dawn

This year’s extracurricular 4th- and 5th-grade musical is The Magic Tree House: The Knight at Dawn. We encourage all interested students in these grades to participate. Students who audition are guaranteed to be cast in the show—there are NO CUTS.

We will be introducing the material to students on Thursday, September 19, and holding tryouts on Friday, September 20. This gives the students an opportunity to become familiar with the material.

Rehearsals will be held AFTER SCHOOL, from 3:30 – 4:30, Tuesdays – Fridays. This starts on Tuesday, September 24 and continues until our performance on Thursday, December 5. We will also hold TWO SATURDAY REHEARSALS (November 2 and November 16, 9 – 12 am). Except in case of illness or family emergency, your student MUST commit to attending these Saturday rehearsals. You will receive a rehearsal calendar during the first week (subject to change); please carefully review it so that everyone involved can be present for scheduled sessions.

The elementary musical is always a wonderful experience for students and adults alike. We hope to see a huge turnout for auditions and look forward to a terrific show!

Jan Fairchild, Will Pharis, Kris Pierce, Briana Sosna—Directors


Rehearsal Schedule