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The Cheetah Print

The Cheetah Print

Great writing and illustration by the students of Chappelow Arts Magnet School

Attention, Student Artists! The Cheetah Print Infographic

The Cheetah Print, Chappelow's online arts magazine, will publish its next issue in March. This is the online location for writers, painters, filmmakers, and musicians to be heard. The Cheetah Print wants your stories, poetry, photography, drawings, sculptures, original music videos and performances - anything and everything that is arts related. 


The Cheetah Print is an online magazine that publishes all kinds of student art. Writers, painters, sculptors, singers, dancers, filmmakers - you are all welcome to share your work. Better yet, because The Cheetah Print is published online, artists can share their published work with family and friends anywhere in the world!


Publishing Guidelines

Publication in The Cheetah Print is open to every K-8 Chappelow student. We encourage students to submit their best work, with a limit of 1 piece per issue. Publication is not guaranteed, but The Cheetah Print will consider every submission with interest. Teachers, you are welcome to submit student work that you feel is worthy of sharing. The Cheetah Print wants to showcase all grades, including youngest students. 


  • Stories: original flash fiction (short-short stories), stories, poetry, reports, reviews, etc. Stories must be school appropriate. Any violence (strongly discouraged) must be necessary part of a story, not the focus. Weapons are not allowed, except in war fiction. In the past, The Cheetah Print has published historical fiction, who-dun-its, growing up and school stories, fantasies, product, movie, book and dance reviews. All that counts is appropriate, strong writing. 
  • Fine Art: drawings and paintings in any medium; photographs of sculptures, costumes, scenary, etc. (No family photos, please. Photographs should either present a work of art or be art themselves). Art and photographs will be published in color.
  • Music: vocal and instrumental performances; music videos that use original (not copyrighted) material and school appropriate themes and images. Please submit videos in mp4 format. 
  • Theatre and Dance: videos of choreographed dances, monologues, scenes, puppet shows, etc. Please submit videos in mp4 format. 


Work must be submitted by Wednesday, February 24. Email all submissions and questions to Mr. Pharis at