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Brentwood Forensics Team

On Friday, January 10th, Brentwood hosted a Forensics Competition. Here are the results for each category:



Jason Tomlin - 1st Place

Jennifer Brandrup - 6th Place



Jordyn Birdwell - 1st Place

Ermiyas Tesfaselassie - 2nd Place

Avi Briceno - 3rd Place

Azariah Benavides - 4th Place

Jordan Garcia - 5th Place


Duo Acting:

Cole Nohr & DJ Garcia - 2nd Place

Percilla Castillo & Laydi Moore - 5th Place



Caleb Lam - 1st Place

Sophia Tijerina - 2nd Place

Gabby Kile - 3rd Place


Original Oratory:

Grace Jackson - 1st Place

Valeria Valdez - 2nd Place

Hailey Ratliff - 3rd Place

Kaya Eaton - 4th Place

Ileene Garcilazo - 5th Place