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Franklin Students Learn about Careers Working with Animals

"If there is anything you don't want shark parts on, put it up here at the front of the class," Franklin Middle School science teacher Lauren Caldwell told her students Thursday afternoon. Snake in Franklin Middle School Class February 2022


It's not every day students in District 6 get the chance to dissect real sharks. But those who enrolled in Ms. Caldwell's Zoology Core-X class were lucky enough to see what makes a shark tick, from the inside out.


"You will get to do something pretty snazy today," Ms. Caldwell told her students before the dissection. "You will get to do something no one else in Franklin gets to do."


Ms. Caldwell developed this elective class for students who test at the highest levels in grades 6, 7, and 8 at Franklin. She has brought in 14 guest speakers from northern Colorado to talk with the students about careers that work with animals, including animal control, zoo workers, retail animal sales and law enforcement canine units. The class also gets to go on one field trip per quarter to places like the Denver Aquarium.


The class makes students think about some high-level subjects, such as treating animals ethically, biodiversity and environmental impacts on animals. And they love it.

Snake in Franklin Middle School Classroom February 2022


"I want to work with animals, like at a zoo," said 7th grade student Allie Matson.


"I love animals a lot," echoed 7th grade student Aubrey Massey. "I am one of these animal geeks."

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