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Meet our Vipers of the week

6th Grade - Yoenny Diaz Menjivar  


Yoenny comes to school every day prepared to tackle the days projects and improve his skills. He takes down his notes and uses them to communicate his message with clarity and integrity when doing collaborative work and sharing out with the class. He achieves progress by pinning down his goals and cradling his ability to reflect on his work and see how it will lead him to compete with future work. -Schaffer 


7th Grade - Riley Patterson


Riley is the epitome of Scholarship. His work is always completed and turned in on time, with impeccable penmanship! If he is missing an assignment, he will have it completed in no time. He asks questions when he needs to, and he participates in class with a frequency that is seldom matched. Thank you, Mr. Patterson! -Mr. Clark  


8th Grade - Mary Yong 


You'd be hard pressed to find a student that exemplifies scholarship with more passion and frequency than resident scholar Mary Young. Her dedication to academic pursuits soars far and above the expectations that I or other teachers set for her. Mary is a one-of-a-kind learner whose love of learning will deliver her to greater and greater academic heights. -Mr. Schackley