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Hey Heathens! 

We need YOUR help! 

We are still doing a Yearbook this year, even though it's a very different year! We still want to showcase what you are doing to make this year amazing even with it's unique challenges!

We need your help though! With Remote Learning happening we want to see what it's like for you! So Take Pictures! Obviously friends, it needs to be appropriate, please make sure your pictures are following dress code and no inappropriate hand gestures, etc. 

Send your silly and fun pictures to Mr. Morales, our Yearbook Guru, and he will be looking at them to make sure they are Yearbook appropriate. We can't wait to see the interesting ways we are all working right now!

It doesn't stop at pictures! If you want your ARTWORK to also be showcased, please send pictures of that as well! Please make sure you SIGN your artwork so everyone knows who created that Masterpiece.

The 4 BEST drawings submited will be published in the Yearbook!!! Let's go Piccasos!

Submit photos and artwork to: