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Student Spotlight: Leilana Kedro, Heath Middle School

 Welcome to the District 6 Student Spotlight!  In this weekly series, we will highlight an exceptional student and the achievements that are making them successful in their schools.  These students were selected by their school staff and administration for going above and beyond with outstanding grades, work ethic, community service, and school involvement.  Congratulations to these students for the work they are accomplishing in and outside of the classroom.

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"Leilana is a standout student. She holds herself ot high standards and does not accept "not her best work" from herself. She has consistently completed all of her school work and asks for help when needed. Teachers report her as a pleasure to have in class and teach. Leilana is humble and an ideal student." - Andrea Wilson, Counselor

Student Spotlight: Leilana KedroStudent Spotlight Leilana Kedro, Heath Middle School Infographic 2024

Grade Level:

8th Grade


Award for Excellence at the end of the year for both 6th and 7th grade, Pawsome student awards, and Pride and Grit tickets

Clubs or Activities:

Publications, Origami and Miyazaki Club

Career/College Plans:

I'm thinking of going to the University of Santa Cruz in California to study marine biology, but I'm still not completely sure what I will do after high school.

Favorite Subject:

My favorite subject in school is Social Studies because it teaches us about how we got where we are today, all the civilizations and societies that were before us, how humans built off of what previous humans did, and how things were accomplished during different time periods. 

Favorite Teacher:

Mr. Myers because I feel like I can trust him. Over the time that I have known him, he makes me feel like he cares about me as a person and not just a student. I feel like I can learn a lot from him. 

What Are Some of Your Hobbies:

Some of my hobbies are annotating and reading books, writing, volleyball, and watching history or ocean documentaries.

Favorite Food or Restaurant:

My favorite restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory.

Favorite Movie:

Percy Jackson & the Olympians (I know it's not a movie, but I don't really watch movies.)

Personal Goals:

My personal goals are to keep doing well academically, figure out where I'm going after high school, help with the environment in marine biology, and have good relationships with my friends and family. 

The Best Things About My School:

The thing I like the best about my school is building connections with staff members and teachers, along with my friends. I like that at Heath you're able to build a community and have a group you can always go ot. The staff and teachers connect with you on a personal level and make you feel like they care about you and all of your peers at Heath. 


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