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Wiedemann Scholarship Winners From Greeley Central - $100,000 EACH!

Wiedemann Scholarship Winners From Greeley Central


Take a look at this video below!
Natalia Lopez-Gutierrez and Nayzeth Hernandez are both recipients of the Wiedemann Scholarship - $100,000 over 5 years!!
Please congratulate them if you see them!!!
A new scholarship was just established at the Foundation. Because of its significant size and impact, a video was created of the first four students to each receive the $100K award.
It's named for the donor who established the fund, Wilbert R. Wiedeman and, by request of the donor, the $7.2 million gift was created into two new, endowed scholarship funds.
Each year, the scholarships will benefit students with financial need who are highly involved in their schools, but are not in the top percentages of their class academically.
Two students from Greeley Central High School, where Mr. Wiedeman’s wife graduated, and two from Windsor High School, where he himself graduated, will be awarded.
These four students will each receive a $100,000 scholarship commitment to be distributed throughout a maximum of 5 academic years.
This is to be given out each year for Greeley Central High School and for Windsor High School.
In creating the criteria for the scholarship, Mr. Wiedeman wanted to note that he was not the top of his class; in reality, he was a B and C average student! But he was very involved and cared about his school. The scholarships will honor students that fall into these categories.
The Foundation is proud of the students who’ve applied, seeking to further their education; and are so thankful for the donors who’ve made these new opportunities happen!