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D6 Athlete of the Week - Zoey Drovdal

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"Zoey is a three-sport athlete (Volleyball, Basketball, and Tennis), and is currently a starter for the Greeley Central girls basketball team. She works hard in the classroom, on the court, and is a great teammate. We are proud of Zoey and her accomplishments, and look forward to another year of Zoey representing the castle with Pride, Class, and Dignity!" - Sean Scribbick, Greeley Central High School Athletic Director


Student Name: Zoey DrovdalD6 Athlete of the Week Zoey Drovdal January 2022

School: Greeley Central High School

Grade: Junior

Sport(s): Volleyball, Basketball, and Tennis

Position(s): Volleyball - Outside; Basketball - Power Forward & Shooting Guard

Stats: Volleyball - 1 kill per set, .2 blocks per set; Basketball - 11.2 points per game, 5.7 rebounds per game

What are some of your most memorable athletic accomplishments? 

"Playing in the All-Star game at Power 2 Play in 2019; making varsity basketball and tennis since my freshman year." 


What are your goals for this season? 

"To improve. I hope that this season I do better than I did last season. I also wish to improve my leadership skills and help keep my team consistent. I feel that an overall goal, especially as a team, we hope to make playoffs." 


How do athletics make you a better student?

"Sports have taught me self-discipline. They make sure that I stay on top of my school work in order to stay eligible. However, they've really made my high school experience what it is, and I couldn't be more grateful." 


What mental tool do you use when you're under pressure?

"I look to my team for support, which they always give. We all have each other's backs, and in stressful moments, especially, we make sure we're coming together as a team because we're better that way."


What is the best part about competing? 

"The best part of competing is the satisfaction it gives. Of course, there are some games that we wish we could just forget about, but most of the time, it's a good game. And it's fun applying everything you've worked on in practices in a game. It's like everything finally coming together."  


What are your career or college plans after you graduate high school?

"Nothing is set in stone, but I wish to continue my basketball career in college. After college, I want to be a coach and open my own gym one day."


What is on your Pre-Competition Music Playlist?

"Kanye West and Drake."


What is your go-to Pre-Competition food?

"Inta Juice with whey protein and energy blend."