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The Path to Success: Elias Haro, Greeley Central High School

As a first generation high school graduate, Elias Haro knows what an incredible opportunity his education in District 6 has provided. And he is very grateful.

Elias Haro May 2022


"Being a first generation student is an honor and it is amazing," Haro said. "My parents didn't have the opportunity to get an education like me and my sisters. The fact that I get to repay them by going onto college shows how their hard work has paid off."


Haro worked hard at Bella Romero Academy and Greeley Central High School to ensure he did well both academically and socially, taking advantage of all his educational opportunities had to offer.


"Since I've been in school, I have enjoyed sports and academics," Haro said. "My parents have always pushed me to come into the classroom to learn something new every day while also having fun. That has really helped me propel through these four years of high school."


Being active in sports and clubs helped Haro feel at home at high school, taught him leadership skills and helped him meet new friends. It also taught him that giving back to his community and helping others is a passion he will continue to pursue.


"My advice would be to right away look into joining clubs, sports and making new friends," he said. "If you are just alone in high school, you are definitely going to be struggling."


Haro also cultivated his interest in engineering when Greeley Central opened the Advanced Manufacturing Career Pathway in 2019. 


"I think that is what made me fall in love with engineering. I want to go to college for electrical engineering," he said.


Haro loves Greeley Central. The teachers are excellent and supportive, and the diverse student population has furthered his education. 


"You get to meet people from different cultural backgrounds and make friends with a lot of different people you think you might not even talk to," Haro said.


Now, as he looks forward to his high school graduation and studying engineering at one of three universities he is considering, Haro is just grateful that he has made his parents proud. 


"They tell me every day," he said.