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GWHS Parking Plan

2020-2021 GWHS Parking and Traffic Plan

Parent Pick-up/Drop-off Area: 

Parents will be asked to pick-up and drop-off students in the North Parking lot only (indicated by red arrows). We ask that families come from the north and take right turns only onto 35th Ave. when possible to alleviate traffic backups. 

Student Parking:

Juniors and Seniors will be allowed to park in the North Parking lot in 251 stalls (blue parking spots). Student overflow parking will be in the South Parking lot in 80 stalls (blue parking spots). No pick-up or drop-off in the South lot. 

Staff Parking:

Staff will park on the Southeast Corner of the facility in 68 stalls or on the south side in 20 stalls (gold parking spots). Overflow staff parking is permitted at Generations Church with a parking pass. 

Bus Pick-up/Drop-off will enter from the south and drop off on the east side roundabout. 

Overflow parking for all is in 103 stalls on the southwest corner of the facility (should be available by August 17)

Parking Plan