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District 6 students earn AP Scholar honors

District 6 students earn AP Scholar honors


This year, 119 Greeley-Evans School District 6 students have earned the prestigious AP Scholars award for their outstanding performance on 2020 Advanced Placement tests, with four students earning the highest distinction of National AP Scholar.


The College Board’s Advanced Placement program offers students the opportunity to take challenging college-level courses and exams while in high school. District 6 offers over 20 Advanced Placement courses to high school students. Students who score well on AP exams are eligible to receive college credit, advanced placement in college, or both at more than 3,200 colleges and universities across the United States. 


Annually, the College Board recognizes those students who have taken multiple AP exams and scored well on them:


  • AP Scholar: Students who earned scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams.
  • AP Scholar with HonorStudents who earned an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken and had scores of 3 or higher on at least four exams.
  • AP Scholar with Distinction: Students who earned an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken and had scores of 3 or higher on at least five exams.
  • National AP Scholar: Students who earned an average score of at least 4 on all AP exams taken and had scores of 4 or higher on at least eight exams.
  • AP Capstone Seminar and Research Certificate: Students who earned scores of three or higher on AP Seminar and AP Research, but not on four additional AP exams 
  • AP Capstone Diploma: Student who earned scores of 3 or higher on AP Seminar and AP Research and on four additional AP exams of their choosing.


Greeley Central High School led among District 6 high schools with 45 AP scholars this year.

District 6 has nearly doubled the number of students achieving AP Scholar status over the past few years. In 2012, the number of AP Scholars was 57. Over the past 14 years, more than 1,100 District 6 students have been named as AP Scholars by the College Board.


The College Board’s AP exams are developed by a national committee of college and university faculty and AP teachers, ensuring that the exams are aligned with the same high standards expected by college faculty at some of the nation's leading liberal arts and research institutions


The 2020 National AP Scholars for District 6 are:

  • Hayden Hein, a class of 2020 graduate from Greeley Central High School
  • Indigo Parlin, a class of 2020 graduate from Greeley Central High School
  • Gianna Uyemura, an upcoming senior at Greeley Central High School
  • Mikyla Bowen, a class of 2020 graduate from Northridge High School


The remaining 2020 College Board Advanced Placement Scholars from District 6 are listed below. Some of these students were seniors in May 2020 and will be attending colleges and universities across the United States, or engaged in other education or career opportunities.


Greeley Central High School

AP Scholar: Luis Barraza, Madeline Brabo, Aaron Chavez, Lynnea Doty, Kenia Gallardo, Andrea Garcia, Lilly Gloekler, Julia Guerrero, Jazzlyn Jensen, Tyler Lawrence, Alice Little, Savana Long, Grace Patrick, Yiseli Quinones, Ethan Rumann, Alexandra Sherman-Sutton, Grace Stevens, Harper Ward and Riley Wooten

AP Scholar with Honor: Cecilia Ayard Avalos, Simon Campbell, Madrigal Frederick-Law, Cadence Heaston, Stefeny Krombholz, Eliana Mascarenas, Ariela Rodriguez and Aidan Schuttler

AP Scholar with Distinction: Brian Davis, Armando Flores Monteneg, Lanie Freeland, Hayden Hein, Rudi Herrig, Alexandria Joseph, Michael Klemm, John Mathews, Casbah Parlin, Indigo Parlin, Lincoln Severt, Olivia Staubitz, Gianna Uyemura and Heather Yackey

AP Seminar and Capstone Research Certificate: Lilly Gloekler


Greeley West High School

AP Scholar: Kathryn Broderius, Aili Gibson, Zachary Headley, Alexandra Kelly, Georgina Magana, Kinsley Mahan, James Mathews, Nathan Olson, Nizhoni Ortiz, Anuj Panta, Kendra Roth, Megan Starkey, Maliya Suntych, Hannah Thomas, Maria Villagomez and Ryan Wethington

AP Scholar with Honor:  Gracejit Chahal, Karla Ibarra Ruiz and Meghan Whyrick

AP Scholar with Distinction: Hannah Beresford, Valeria Cassillas Payan, Brendan McCune and Bohden Suntych


Northridge High School

AP Scholar: Alan Aguina Martinez, Khalil Bhanji, William Busha, Gabriel Castro, Tabitha Chatman, Jeffrey Duran, Hannah Kerkes, Jesus Lazo, Shane Loewe, Maeve Pepin, Natasha Perales, Aidan Reaves, Lillie Slykhuis, Johnathan Steckel and Sinley Zheng

AP Scholar with Honor: Madison Van Soest and Abigail Weaver

AP Scholar with Distinction: Mikyla Bowen, Erica Horning and Angel Lechuga Gonzalez

AP Seminar and Research Certificate: Eduardo Ramirez, Abigail Weaver and Sinley Zheng

AP Capstone Diploma: Angel Lechuga Gonzalez and Aidan Reaves


Frontier Academy

AP Scholar: Tayler Barnhart, Julia Brown, Genesis Ewell, Savannah Jones, Cooper Malone, Nathanael Roth and Leanna Thaxton 

AP Scholar with Honor: Abigail Granrud and Kyra Pfost


Union Colony Preparatory

AP Scholar: Aaliyanah Hubert-Combs

AP Scholar with Distinction: Missy A. Trigos


University Schools

AP Scholar: Holly Carlton, Emily Fosdick Early, Zvi Gutierrez, Phat Ho and Christopher Moses

AP Scholar with Honor: Joshua Berntsen, Grace Doerner, Rylee Reeve and Jaedyn Vallejo

AP Scholar with Distinction: Tina Brewer, Riley Carlson and Kylie Kravig