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ID Policy at Northridge High School



Northridge High Schools ID policy

Students are not allowed to enter the building without their ID worn visibly around their neck or clipped to their person (upper chest/shoulder area).  ID’s cannot be attached to backpacks, purses, or other belongings.  Students must wear their ID at all times while on campus (in classrooms, in hallways/restrooms, and during outside activities).  

IF a student does NOT have their ID when they arrive at the building, the student will need to have the ID reprinted in order to gain entry to classes.  See details below: school

  1. Students MUST wear their student ID at all times on campus. Student IDs must be worn around the neck or clipped to the front/upper torso/chest area of the shirt.  Students may NOT attach ID to backpacks or other personal belongings. Student IDs may not be altered in any way (stickers, marker, scratching out of information, etc).  Any altering of an ID will be considered damaged and will need to be replaced (please see ID replacement policy).



Appropriate athletic clothing may be worn in physical education classes.  Clothing normally worn when participating in school sponsored extracurricular or sports activities (such as cheerleading uniforms and the like) may be worn to school when approved by the sponsor or coach.


Student ID’s

Students will be provided with a student I.D. that must be worn on a lanyard (one will be provided) or clipped to their front/upper torso/chest at all times during the school day.  With a continued focus on school safety for all students and staff IDs will be required to gain access to the school and school activities through designated entrances.  

Student I.D. cards are also required to access school and public transportation, admission to any school function (activities and all dances), and may serve as student library cards.  (Many restaurants and retail stores honor a high school discount with a current I.D.).  

Students will not be permitted to enter the building unless they are in possession of their current student I.D. 

If a student’s I.D. card is lost or destroyed or altered, they will be required to come to a campus monitor for a replacement.

  • IF students don’t have an ID:
    • First reprint - Free and a verbal warning 
    • Second reprint - Verbal warning, $5, phone call home
    • Third reprint - Verbal warning, $5, phone call home
    • Fourth reprint - $5, phone call home by a staff member to set up a meeting with parent/guardian to provide support in improving behavior.


Parents and students are encouraged to establish routines for ensuring students have their ID when they arrive at school each day.