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D6 Athlete of the Week - Alexandria Nava

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"Alex has been a great leader for us this year. She is one of the captains of our team, and has put the team first moving positions to strengthen our defense this year. She always works hard and does it with a great attitude. She is a pleasure to have on the team!" - Tom Beck, Soccer Coach

Student Name: Alexandria NavaD6 Athlete of the Week Alexandria Nava 2024

School: Northridge High School

Grade: Senior

Sport(s): Soccer

Position(s): Mid fielder, defender, and forward

Stats: 4 year starter, All Conference, 61 games played, 72 points, 29 goals, 73 shots, 14 assists, and 0.5 goals per game. Also beat the kicking record in Powder Puff. 

Tell us about your greatest athletic achievement to date:

"Getting All Conference, and having second most goals scored on the team." 


What are your goals for this season? 

"To be a leader and help the team." 


How do athletics make you a better student?

"Allows me to be a kind person and helpful." 


What mental tool do you use when you're under pressure?

"I just try to do what I think I should do and play hard." 


What is the best part about competing?

"Probably when you're #1 at something and you keep that position." 


What are your career or college plans after you graduate high school?

"I'm most likely going to Aims Community College and study nursing." 


What advice do you have for younger athletes who want to join your sport?

"Have fun while you're playing, try your best, listen well, and know not to show bad body language." 


What is your favorite song to listen to prior to competing?

"Anything that will get me in a competitive mood. The songs could change." 


What is your go-to Pre-Competition food?

"Something that won't weigh me down, but will have me somewhat full."