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Prom 2023

TIME AND PLACE: Prom will be Friday, April 21, 2023 at Zoe's Cafe and Events
TICKETS: Ticket sales will start in early April, prices will be announced before ticket sales begin.
FOOD: This year we are not having a prom dinner. Rob and Dan will still bless us with their cooking, but we are having heavy appetizers at the dance rather than a full meal.  
DRESS CODE: Students may wear whatever colors of attire they would like. No numbers are allowed or handkerchiefs as per usual. Blue and red dresses are allowed.
GUESTS: Students may bring prom dates from another school if they so desire. These guests must still be in high school and must receive permission from both their school's admin and JHS admin. If students ask you about this, please let them know that they must turn in paperwork for this by April 13th. Paperwork is available from admin.
PICTURES: Trish will be taking prom photos for the kids for free. We are not yet sure if we will be able to provide printed photos after prom, but the students will have a digital copy of their photos emailed to them after the dance. 
Lastly, STUDENTS OF ALL GRADE LEVELS are WELCOME AT PROM. However, students who are suspended after spring break will be ineligible to attend.
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