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The Pantry - A Community Food Pantry

Introducing: The Pantry @ JHS

Food insecurity is a pressing issue affecting countless families across our nation. In Greeley-Evans School District 6, we recognize that this directly touches the lives of many of our students and their families. 

Picture of a white fabric grocery bag holding items including red grapes, peaches, a canned item, and lettuce. The logo for The Pantry is also shown.

The Pantry was creating in collaboration with the D6 Success Foundation to help address this issue directly within the school system. It operates on a simple yet powerful principle: provide students and their families with easy access to essential food items right within their schools.


How It Works

Participating D6 schools will have a pantry stocked with non-perishable food items, fresh produce, and other essential products. 


Locations & Hours

Several locations are currently available throughout the D6 community. Plus, plans are currently underway to add 24 more locations over the next couple of years. Hours and availability may vary, but are typically open during school hours. 


No Paperwork, Completely Confidential

The Pantry is designed to uphold the dignity of every student and family. It operates with complete confidentiality, ensuring that those in need can access support discreetly. We will not document your use of the services but may make notes of items taken for inventory and operational purposes. 


No Cost to Families

All D6 students and their families who may be experiencing food insecurity are automatically eligible to receive items through The Pantry at no cost. This program is a lifeline for D6 students and their families who may be experiencing challenging times. 


Reduced Waste

Having food pantries directly in our schools will help us further reduce waste from our programs. We will be able to freeze leftover entrees that students can take home to enjoy. Surplus produce and products are able to be utilized directly by our students and their families.