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D6 Athlete of the Week - Joe Lombardelli



Student Name: Joe LombardelliJoe Lombardelli

School: Northridge

Grade Level: Senior

Sport(s): Tennis, Basketball, Baseball



What are some of your most memorable accomplishments? 

Going to State Tennis. 


What are your goals for this upcoming season? 

For our team to make the playoffs. 


What is one lesson you have learned from playing high school sports? 

That nothing is given to you; you have to earn it. 


What are your career or college plans after you graduate high school? 

Go to college to further my education. 


What is on your Pre-Game Music Playlist?

No pregame playlist. 


What's your go-to Pre-Game food? 

Chewy SweeTarts. 


Last show you binge-watched on Netflix? 

The Office.