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We need your feedback!

Your Voice Matters

District 6 Parents and Guardians: We want to hear from you! A survey will be sent by a company called Panorama to all parents and guardians of District 6 students. This is a very important survey, and we ask that you take a few minutes to answer the questions.

Your feedback is essential to help us know what we are doing well and what we can improve to enhance you and your child’s educational experience.

All survey responses are confidential. You will be receiving a direct link to your individual survey through email. The surveys are available in these languages: English, Spanish, Arabic and Somali.

Once the surveys are submitted, the link will become inactive in order to ensure the integrity of the data collected.

Your feedback matters. Your experiences with District 6 drive priorities and change. Thank you for taking a few minutes to answer this important survey. If you have problems or questions, please call Lynnae Howell at (970) 348-6278. If you do not receive a survey via email, first make sure it isn’t in a junk or spam folder. If you still don’t have a survey, contact Lynnae Howell or your child’s school for a paper survey.