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The Path to Success: Demetrius Garcia, Greeley Evans Alternative Program

Demetrius Garcia has big dreams.


“I would like to be a body mechanic, maybe even have a shop of my own. Maybe my family could work there,” the senior at the Greeley-Evans Alternative Program said. “It will be great. I can’t wait.


“In my free time I like to help my uncle. He is a body mechanic, and he fixes old cars. To me I think that is fun, another one of the goals I want to achieve.” The Path to Success: Demetrius Garcia, Greeley Evans Alternative Program


Born and raised in Greeley, Garcia comes from a large family where he is one of the older siblings. School hasn’t always been easy for him.


Then he found GAP.


“When I got to GAP I actually picked up the pace and started getting back on track, bettering my education,” he said. “What is different about GAP is I can actually come to the teachers and they will help me. I feel like I got more help here than anywhere.”


GAP is a self-paced program for older students who are behind on their high school credits. Garcia was able to complete a whopping 25 high school credits in one and one-half years. 


Garcia has also become a leader at the school, attending a leadership conference with two of his classmates. He now likes to encourage other students and work toward making the school a positive environment for all.


“I try to encourage all the students I can. There is this one guy, he used to not come at all. I was like, ‘Come on, let's just do it. Let’s graduate.’ He actually is coming a lot more,” Garcia said. “It made me feel like I was actually doing something right in my life and going on the right path.” 


To reach this point, Garcia had to put in the work. He stayed after school and kept motivated. But he credits the staff at GAP with pushing him and believing he could finish.


“If it wasn’t for the teachers and them encouraging me, I wouldn’t have been close to graduating. I would have dropped out. I am actually really proud. I saw my credits this morning and it blew my mind, I was so happy,” he said. “Look where I am at. I am almost done!”