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Greeley-Evans Young Chautauqua Scholars

Welcome to the 19th annual High Plains Chautauqua, a living history festival that recreates the traveling tent Chautauqua tradition of the early 20th century. This year’s festival celebrated one of the most turbulent decades in U.S. history. Our theme, “Blowin’ in the Wind: The ‘60s,” evokes memories of flower children, tie-dye shirts, sit-ins, and war protesters as America morphed from the more conventional 1950s into the anti-establishment cultural phenomenon of the 1960s.

Many of our Greeley-Evans District 6 young scholars participated in this year's event!  The program featured celebrated historical figures such as John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Lucille Ball, Little Raven and many more.  

For individual performances, please visit our youtube channel at:

Riley Sathe - Fred Tjardes School of Innovation - Natalie Wood: Starts at 0:13
Angelica Rivera - Christa McAuliffe STEM Academy - Rosa Parks: Starts at 2:56
Brandon Swift - Jackson Elementary - John F. Kennedy: Starts at 6:05
Kaitlyn Fenton - Heiman Elementary - Lucille Ball: Starts at 11:28
Jordyn Birdwell - Heiman Elementary - Rosa Parks: Starts at 17:07
Pascal Nnaji - Heiman Elementary - John Dyer: Starts at 20:44
Coen McCall - Heiman Elementary - Martin Luther King, Jr: Starts at 23:27
Samantha Watson - Dos Rios Elementary - Madeleine L'Engle: Starts at 27:47
Juliet Kile - Dos Rios Elementary - Pearl Buck - Starts at 33:16
Charmayne Johns - Greeley Central - Sergei Korolev - Starts at 36:37
Jalen Butler - Greeley Central - Walt Disney - Starts at 42:32
Aidan Schuttler - Greeley Central - Eo'in McCall - Starts at 50:27
Bryanna Skelton - Greeley Central - Natalie Wood - Starts at 1:00
Grace Stevens - Greeley Central - Edie Sedgewick - Start at 1:07