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Student Spotlight: Liam Newman-Edwards, Fred Tjardes School of Innovation

 Welcome to the District 6 Student Spotlight!  In this weekly series, we will highlight an exceptional student and the achievements that are making them successful in their schools.  These students were selected by their school staff and administration for going above and beyond with outstanding grades, work ethic, community service, and school involvement.  Congratulations to these students for the work they are accomplishing in and outside of the classroom.

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"Liam's classmates nominated him for Student Spotlight because he is a leader among his peers. They see his leadership in his work quality, and they feel he works hard to always produce excellent projects and high-quality work in class. They also note his leadership in the way he is fun and keeps the mood light in his group, but also always knows when it is time to get to work. Liam embodies the type of empowered learning we value at TSOI by being creative, curious, kind, and hard-working." - Courtney Luce, Lead Collaborator 

Student Spotlight: Liam Newman-EdwardsStudent Spotlight Liam Newman-Edwards Infographic December 2023

Grade Level:

8th Grade


Young RYLA, District 6 Art Show

Clubs or Activities:

Sources of Strength, NOCO Swim Club, The First Congregational Youth Group

Career/College Plans:

I am hoping to go to Portland State, and there, I want to learn to be a marine biologist.

Favorite Subject:

My favorite loop was Market Night because we got to learn about how to run small businesses and navigate the economy. 

Favorite Teacher:

My favorite teacher is David because he is always pushing me to be a better person and work harder. He works on makin gsure that we all are putting an effort in. He helps out and tries to make all problems learning experiences. For example, during Museum Night, me and my partner Joel were struggling, and he gave us some help but not all of it, so we had to figure it out ourselves and work on our problem-solving skills. This is really important because he teaches us all these life skills that will be useful as adults. 

What Are Some of Your Hobbies:

Swimming, art, poetry, and cooking

Favorite Food or Restaurant:


Favorite Movie:

Currently, Planet of the Apes

Personal Goals:

I want to work on my social awareness because I feel that is a very important life skill that will help me in high school.

The Best Things About My School:

We have the freedom to learn our own way. The teachers are always meeting our needs and going one step further to better us and prepare us to be versatile and talented adults. For example, in Museum Night, we get to choose our own project and guide our own learning. This is important because it develops research skills, and you have a greater interest in what you are doing because you get to choose.


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