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Advanced Learning Plans Now Online

Hi parents and GT students!


In an effort to be more efficient it has been my goal to move the ALP (Advanced Learning Plan) process online, and I am excited to tell you that we will begin that this year! This should save a lot of paper and if we can get started on it before school starts, should allow me to spend more time helping students work toward their goals once school begins. 


will take you to an online ALP form that students and parents can fill out together. It includes places to input strengths, interests, and areas for growth. It also includes places to write goals for this school year. More information is included on the form about how to fill it out.


One thing that I should mention is that it is not possible to save a partially completed ALP, so you will need to fill it all out before clicking on the Submit button. However, feel free to click on the link above and look the form over (or print it, if you wish), and come back to fill it out it later.If you later decide you want to add something, you can click on the above link. Once there, BE SURE to fill out the NAME section, then add whatever you wanted to add (you can skip parts you earlier filled out). Then, click SUBMIT. This will create a second document, but if you included your name, I should be able to put them together.


Again, I believe that using this online form will facilitate the ALP process and increase my time available to work with students to reach their goals-especially if we can get a jump on it before school starts. I thought that perhaps students and parents might have more time during the summer to work on this together. If you don’t have time before then, I would just ask that you complete it as soon as you can.


I am so excited to get started with you/your child. I look forward to an outstanding year with you!

Thanks for all of your support in helping me help our students to reach their goals!