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Chappelow Takes First Place in National Math Contest

Sumdog Championship Team Members:
Jilly Huang (7th gr), Hailey Porter (4th gr), Dante Parlin (5th gr), Dylan Frederick-Law (7th gr), Luca Wakefield (3rd gr), Lane Renouf (7th gr), Joel Hansen (5th gr), Casbah Parlin (8th gr), Reymundo Ocampo-Flores (4th gr), and Jace Mackey (7th gr).
How thrilling it was to watch Chappelow move into first place on the last day of the
week-long contest, slip into second against tough competition, and battle back into first place and stay there in the last few hours of the contest.
You are Chappelow's first-ever First Place Team in a National Sumdog Contest! And that was against 1566 teams from across the nation!
On top of that, it took EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU to achieve this. All of you completed 1000 problems--that's 10,000 math problems-all adjusted for your grade level of difficulty! And with a team average of 95.8% accuracy--WOW!
Here are the final standings:

 Simply AMAZING!