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Thirty-six Chappelow students reach their NaNoWriMo writing goals!

Thirty-six Chappelow students reach their NaNoWriMo writing goals!

 NanoWrimo is officially over, and we had 36 students declared WINNERS after verifying that they met or exceeded their writing goals. That is great news! And even those that didn’t quite reach their goals (some barely missed it) contributed to our word nanowrimo total--and had fun while writing :). Chappelow students wrote approximately 125,000 words during November for this competition—and had a lot of fun doing it---amazing!

Here are the students that met their goal…please congratulate them when you see them.

Valerie  Arce 

Jade Arce

Ronan Bissell

Erin Chastain

Grady Chastain

Konnor Dilka

Taylor Dunbar

Connor Danhoff

Dylan Frederick-Law

Maddie Frederick-Law

Ruby Frederick-Law

Sofia Gonzalez

Keaton Hartmann

Kirsten Harkins

Asher Hein

Margaret Herrick

Daniel Kiburz

Ali Lone

Savanah Long

Jeb Mathews

Will Mathews

Jace Mackey

Bradyn Mackey

Myka Mackey

Davanee McKinney

Dante Parlin

Destiny Parlin

Casbah Parlin

Zared Rodriguez

Alanna Reyna

Kaiden Renaud

Ayden Smith

Jenesa Vozar

Maria Villalobos

Oliver Voigt

Danielle White


If you made it to your goal and I left your name off, please let me know!

Again, congratulations to all NaNoWriMo writers out there! Great job of expressing yourself in words! Hope you enjoyed it.