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Thank you to the Evans Community!

To the Evans Community:


Centennial staff, police officers and volunteers pose together during the coat giveaway November 2023

Thank you for all of the care, love, and support that you provide for the scholars and families of Centennial Elementary. We love the coats and boots! Your amazing partnerships will forever make a difference in our lives!


A special thank you to Teresa McClatchey. You are our champion. We don't know what we'd do with you!


With gratitude, 

Team Centennial

Centennial Student smiling with her new coat 2023 Volunteer helps Centennial student zip up their new coat November 2023 Centennial student bundled up in her new coat November 2023 Centennial student trying on his new boots November 2023Centennial Student hugging a volunteer for donating the coats to the school 2023 Teacher and student posing at the Centennial Coat giveaway 2023