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D6 Volunteers Receive President's Service Award

D6 volunteers receive President’s Service Award


Twenty-nine Greeley-Evans School District 6 volunteers have qualified to receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award for the hours they have logged this year working in schools and at other school district sites.


The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes United States citizens and residents who volunteer in their communities to make a difference in six areas of focus, one of which is education.


The award honors adults in three categories: Gold for volunteers who have served 500 hours or more; silver for donating 250-499 hours of service; and bronze for those who have given 100-249 hours of service. District 6 limits school-based volunteers to adults over the age of 18 because of safety protocols requiring a criminal background check for individuals who will be working with and around children.


“We simply couldn’t provide the services we do for our students without the significant support we receive from our volunteers,” said Superintendent Dr. Deirdre Pilch. “Our volunteers logged more than 31,000 hours of service this school year, which is a tremendous contribution of time, effort and expertise. We are grateful to all those who serve District 6 and our students.”


This year’s award recipients were honored at a Board of Education meeting earlier this month. Volunteers receiving the President’s Volunteer Service Awards this year are:


  • Judy Bennett, 1,264 hours
  • Michele Hudson, 838 hours
  • Barbara Broderius, 533 hours
  • Jason Encinias, 507 hours
  • Gabrielle Martin, 416 hours
  • Paulette Weaver, 378 hours
  • Jess Carver, 362 hours
  • Ellen Foster, 338 hours
  • Aaryn Coleman, 238 hours
  • Zulma Monje, 224 hours
  • Nicole Tijerina, 208 hours
  • Linda Vandegrift, 186 hours
  • Kelly Rojean, 168 hours
  • Judy Gregory, 166 hours
  • Lisa Woody, 159 hours
  • Peggy Olson, 157 hours
  • Anne Roche, 142 hours
  • Angie Huffman, 141 hours
  • Stacy Maxwell, 140 hours
  • Yolanda Carrizalez, 140 hours
  • Anne Cole, 133 hours
  • Ted Gilliland, 132 hours
  • Michellle Jensen, 128 hours
  • Thomas Ramirez, 124 hours
  • Dakota Stanek, 116 hours
  • Olivia Menard, 115 hours
  • Shannon Miller, 111 hours
  • Maureen Jantz, 105 hours
  • Wilson Hattendorf, 100 hours