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D6 Athlete of the Week - Andi Padilla

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Congratulations to D6 Athlete of the Week Andi Padilla from University High School! The high school senior has been MaxPreps’ Player of the Game three times during the 2020 Fall softball season, and was an Honorable Mention for the 2019 All State Team. The Bulldog was also an integral part of University’s first softball state championship win last year. Despite the challenges of this year, Padilla played with tenacity, and hopes to play college softball next year.

Student Name: Andi Padilla D6 Athlete of the Week Andi Padilla

School: University High School

Grade Level: Senior

Sport(s): Softball

Position(s): Catcher

Stats: Hitting is .544

What are some of your most memorable athletic accomplishments?

Team dinners. 

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

My goals for the upcoming season is to keep working hard and get better. 

What is one lesson you have learned from playing high school sports?

One lesson I learned is that you have to trust each other. 

What are your career or college plans after you graduate high school? 

I hope to play college softball and study psychology. 

What is on your Pre-Game Music Playlist?

All kinds of songs...we have a different variety. 

What is your go-to Pre-Game food?

I don't normally eat before playing. If I do, I just have a small, light snack. 

Last show you binge-watched on Netflix?

All American.