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Greeley West students earn IB Diplomas, honors

Twelve Greeley West High School 2021 graduates earned prestigious International Baccalaureate Diplomas, earning a minimum of 24 college credits each. 


To receive the IB Diploma, students competed six International Baccalaureate courses, complete 150 hours of community service and extracurricular activity hours, completed a Theory of Knowledge Essay and completed a 4,000-word extended essay research paper, receiving an overall score of at least 27 points. The average score for Greeley West students was 29. 


Greeley West students earning an IB Diploma this year are:

  • Zachary Headley
  • Yovahn Quinones
  • Leslie Martinez Torres
  • Kayla Becker
  • Jasmine Mosqueda Villareal
  • Ivette Jacquez
  • Isabella Martinez
  • Brendan McCune
  • Ashlynn Estal
  • Anuj Panta
  • Anthony Gomez
  • Jody Evans


The class of 2021 had the highest IB Diploma recipient rate in five years, with 86 percent of candidates earning the diploma.


In addition to the IB Diploma recipients, two students – Anahi Vicente-Gomez and Rylee Imus – passed at least three IB exams, earning 9 or more college credits each.


Greeley West had a total of 75 students who took at least one IB exam this year, with a total of 164 exams completed. Overall, IB students at Greeley West earned 459 college credits in 2021.