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D6 Athlete of the Week - Cody Burkholder

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"Cody is exactly what we want a student athlete at Northridge to be. He's a great student, teammate, and athlete. He works hard in every phase of his life, and he is a great model for others to aspire to be like." - Jeff Collins, Northridge High School Athletic Director


Student Name: Cody Burkholder 

School: Northridge High School

Grade: Junior

Sport(s): Football

Position(s): Center and Defensive End

Stats: Tackles = 11 solo tackles; Assisted Tackles = 23; Sacks = 5.5; Fumble Recovery = 1

What are some of your most memorable athletic accomplishments? 

"My most memorable accomplishment was beating West for the first time. I remember when I went to Northridge the school had not beat any cross town rivals for a while. Central was also special, but West was even more because as  kid I always thought I would go to West and beating them last year for the first time was amazing."


What are your goals for this season? 

"My main goal is to take this season one game at a time. i really want to make the playoffs, but in order to do that we got to take it game by game, practice by practice because every snap matters on this journey. And, if I do what I need to and a bit more, we should be able to do that."


How do athletics make you a better student?

"I think athletics teach you so much about life and dealing with adversity. I know in football you get hit every play. Some plays you win and some you lose, but what I've really learned is it is not about what happened, but how you react. I'd say football has taught me a bunch of life lessons and those have made an impact on academics heavily." 


What mental tool do you use when you're under pressure?

"When I'm under pressure or I just messed up and need to get back in the game, I mostly resort to taking a deep breath, remembering all the work I've put in, and most importantly remembering who I play for. I play for my teammates, my family, and, most importantly, God. When I put all those in perspective, it helps me immensly."


What is the best part about competing? 

"Pushing yourself. Knowing you're pushing your limits and getting better every day. And while you're working hard, you have a little fun along the way."


What are your career or college plans after you graduate high school?

"I want to go to school for Bio-Chem/Pharmaceutical chemistry, and if I can play there, I would love to. Some schools I'm thinking about are University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Rice University, Columbia University, and the schools in Colorado."


What is on your Pre-Competition Music Playlist?

"I listen to a mix of mostly Kanye with some Kid Cudi, Chance the Rapper, Tyler the Creator, and Frank Ocean."



What is your go-to Pre-Competition food?

"I usually drink a lot of water. I don't really eat before, but when I do I have Burger King."