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Student Spotlight: Annabel Fisher, Jefferson High School

for going above and beyond with outstanding grades, work ethic, community service, and school involvement.  Congratulations to these students for the work they are accomplishing in and outside of the classroom.


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"Annabel is one of the most genuine and kind people I have ever met. Jefferson High School has been lucky to have a student like her, with maturity beyond her years, a huge heart for helping others, and incredible artistic and academic talent. Annabel  goes out of her way to serve others and her community, and does so without wanting recognition or a thank you. Annabel inspires those around her with her big heart and has made a huge impact on JHS with her contributions. We can't wait to see how she impacts the world around her in her future!" - Jenna Leasure, Jefferson High School Teacher

Student Spotlight: Annabel FisherStudent Spotlight Annabel Fisher Infographic 2024

Grade Level:

11th Grade


Graduating high school as a junior

Clubs or Activities:

Member of the Jefferson High School Leadership Program

Career/College Plans:

I plan on either going to a trade school for business, or obtaining my real-estate license

Favorite Subject:

My favorite subjects are Art and English because in art, you can convey emotions, opinions, and self expression. 

Favorite Teacher:

My favorite teacher would be either Dan Stubbs or Jenna because they both have a way of connecting with their students on a personal level and making their classrooms like a big family. 

What Are Some of Your Hobbies:

Painting, crafting, building things from scratch. I love to hang out with family and friends and roller-skating. 

Favorite Food or Restaurant:

I like my mom's home cooked meals. Roma's would also be my favorite restaurant. 

Favorite Movie:

Spirited Away

Personal Goals:

To get a good job, drivers license, work on getting my credit score where I want it to buy a house, and get a good job

The Best Things About My School:

I love the sense of community and the family atmosphere that is at Jefferson. It is like no other school I have attended. The teachers and administration make a big difference in students' lives. 


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