King Soopers Card 5% Fundraiser

King Soopers Card 5% Fundraiser
  • Earn money for your sport!
  • Get your RE-LOADABLE King Soopers grocery cards from your coach.
  • These cards have $2.50 loaded on them.
  • Go to King Soopers (or City Market) and reload the card using your cash, check or credit card.
  • Cards can be reloaded at the information desk, gasoline kiosk or in your checkout line.
  • If you reload in the checkout line, do that first, before any groceries are scanned.
  • Your re-loadable card is tracked by King Soopers and a report (with 5% rebate check) is sent to the Wildcat Foundation every time we (The Wildcat Foundation) reach $5000 in sales.
  • This report will track the use of each card and the 5% will be added to specific sports accounts.
  • King Soopers cards can be used for grocery or gasoline.
  • Remember, King Soopers grocery cards are also good at most Kroger affiliated stores throughout the United States so send them to family members and have them help support your sport.
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