Panorama Survey


(click here to download this letter in both English and Spanish)

Dear Parents,


This month, our school will be asking for your child’s feedback through an online survey in order to learn more about student experiences in our district. The survey will be given between November 26th and December 20th, and will be taken by all students in the district who are in grades 3-12.


Our school district has partnered with a third-party vendor, Panorama Education, to administer the survey in our school. The survey will be given online and students will complete the survey at school. The survey will not take more than 10 to 15 minutes for students to complete.


All survey responses are kept confidential and a student's specific answers will never be made available to any district staff. The survey does not count for points, and will have no reflection on your child’s grades.


The feedback received from the online survey will provide invaluable insights into student experiences and how to improve and adapt our district to your child’s needs. If your child doesn’t feel like they have enough information to answer a question, they will be able to skip the question.


Thank you for allowing us to improve your child’s experience,


Cary Smith, Principal


CLICK BELOW FOR THE LINK TO THIS SURVEY (use your student number for access code):