20th Anniversary Return to the Castle T-shirt


Shirt - Front

Tshirt - Back The 2020-2021 school year will be our 20th year in our renovated Castle! The Class of 2000 spent their senior year at the "new" high school, Northridge, before it was officially called Northridge. For one year, Northridge was the home of Greeley Central. 


In the fall of 2000, the remodel and addition to Greeley Central was complete and our students returned to the prestigious home of the Castle. This year was the first year the high schools in Greeley added a freshman class to the high school ranks. 


So as we begin the fall of 2020, we embark on a continued adventure of school traditions, school pride, and 20 years of ... continuing the LEGACY! 


T-shirt sale is sponsored by our National Honor Society and all Proceeds will go to the:

Greeley Central Covid Family Support Fund 


Sales will end on September 28th, 2020.


COST = $12.00


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