School Begins!



bell schedule School will began on Thursday, August 20th for all students. This year, we are using a hybrid bell schedule so not all students will be in the building at the same time.

The hybrid bell schedule we will be using follows an AA/BB schedule.

The way this will work will be when Group A is in-person at the school, then Group B will be online off-site. When Group B is in-person at the school, then Group A will be online off-site. On Wednesdays, all students will be online off-site.

On Mondays & Tuesdays, Group A will be in-person and Group B will be online off-site.

On Thursdays & Fridays, Group B will be in-person and Group A will be online off-site.

Groups have been determined by the last name of the student:

  • Group A = Last Names A - L
  • Group B = Last Names M - Z


We have listed each day's group on our website's upcoming events section (see to the right).


We will have our mid-semester break on Friday, October 9th AND Monday, October 12th. There will be NO SCHOOL on these days. Note that October 12th is a newly added break for students and staff.

Quarter 1 will finish on Friday, October 16th. During that week, we will have Juniors taking the PSAT test in the building on Wednesday, October 14th while all other students work online off-site. Thursday and Friday (October 15th & 16th) students will work online off-site to allow students to complete work for Quarter 1.

Quarter 2 will begin on Monday, October 19th with Group A in-person/Group B online off-site. On Tuesday, October 20th we will have Group B in-person/Group A online off-site. Please see the table below for a visual calendar.


Calendar below was revised/updated on 9/30/2020 at 9:45pm.October Calendar