COVID-19 Information



When GCHS is informed of a positive or probable COVID-19 diagnosis that involves a quarantine in a cohort, information will be provided here.

Simply click the link below associated with the exposure date and you can read the quarantine instructions and other information.

Those that were affected by those specific exposures have already been contacted by phone & email. These links below are for informational purposes and are provided for those parents, guardians, and students who either can't access their email or don't have an email address. These links also serve as a quick reference to a specific quarantine date.

If you were not affected by a COVID exposure at GCHS, you can disregard the information below. If you were affected by one of these exposures, those students would have been notified through their school email & parents/guardians would have been notified via phone & email.


Date of Cohort Exposure: