Sports/Activities Printed Programs



Please click this link to go to our Athletic page for viewing & downloading current HOME game rosters in lieu of printed programs.




Games will be live-streamed as follows:

  • All HOME events in Jim Baggot Gymnasium (our Main Gym)
    • Live-streamed through NFHS Network NFHS Network (GCHS)
    • You will have to subscribe to this service and set up an account in order to watch these live streamed games
      • Costs are !0.99 per month (billed monthly, cancel anytime); $69.99 per year (billed annually)
  • All HOME events taking place in the Aux Gym
  • In most cases, you should be able to view home and away games via the NFHS network, but that will depend on the hosting school's streaming service. Some school's will stream through a different platform.