GWHS Student Pick-Up/Drop-Off


As our enrollment has grown beyond building capacity the past few years, we have felt the strain in many areas, one of the most glaring is the traffic around our building, especially before and after school.  We have been working with the city on traffic around the building and with our facilities and transportation departments to try to alleviate some of the traffic in our parking lots.

The best advice we have for students and parents in the mornings is to arrive early.  Traffic is typically heaviest 10-15 min. before the bell rings.  Arriving a few minutes early is an easy way to save time and stress in the morning.

We are making several changes to our busing and parent drop-off in the south parking lot for the 2019-2020 school year.  For all students riding a bus, all bus pick-up and drop-off will occur in the round-about on the east-side of the building.  This should help alleviate traffic on the south side.  The other big change in the south lot is the addition of pedestrian crosswalks from 24th St. and along the fences in order to allow safe passage for students to the south entrance.  Parents are asked follow enter from 24th Street, pull forward and take a left along the fence, and drop off students along the fence that runs from the east to the west and drop off your student(s)  to walk safely on the pedestrian walkway to the south entrance and continue to the west side of the parking lot to exit on 24th Street.  If parents need to enter the building, they can park in the visitors parking marked below.  (All student parking is in the north parking lot.)

We will have our security team and administrators out in the parking lots as much as possible, but there are times where they are needed in the building.  If you have any questions or concerns with parking or anything else, please contact us at anytime. 

Thank you for help in making our campus a safer and less congested place!

Jeff Cranson