Announcements & Important Dates


How to access your testing scores!!
Information on accessing SAT and PSAT 10 / 9 scores:  Link to information

Students scores will be available:

- May 2nd if tested on April 9th - SAT

- May 16th if tested on April 23rd - SAT

- May 20th if took the PSAT 10 or 8/9


Need to make up some credit??
We have a free June opportunity!
Ensure that you graduate on time!!!
Need to recover credit from previous semesters?
Talk to your counselor to see which classes are offered and sign up!
June 3rd - 27th (Mon - Thurs) from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm.
Certified staff available to guide learning.
Breakfast, snacks and lunch provided.
Free school supplies.
Yellow buses available - see transportation website.
Orientation - June 3rd @ 8:00 am for students and parents/guardians.
Once you are done with your earned credit you're done!
No need to stay the full four weeks!

Important Dates

School Year

May 6th - 17th - AP Testing (Link)
May 21st - 23rd: Second Sem Final Schedule (Link)
May 23rd - Rite of Passage @ 11:15 am (Gym)
May 24th - Graduation @ 2:00 pm (D6 Stadium)

Link to our Student/Parent Grizzly Handbook (18 - 19) 

Please ensure that every Grizzly and their family read this handbook. It will provide guidance to a great school year full of resources and information to help you be successful in reaching your goals.