Franklin Middle School Dress Code - Please review


Dress Code


Please click HERE to review the Franklin Dress Code. If you have

any questions, please contact the office.


At Franklin Middle School, we highly value professionalism, both in appearance and behavior. The following additional dress code guidelines are expected for all students who will attend class sessions each day.


Shirts: Students will wear collared shirts; the shirts must be in solid colors of black, purple or grey. Students are not permitted to alter their uniform shirts (example: no tying shirts in knots, etc.). For those students who would choose to wear undershirts or a crew neck sweatshirt over their collared shirt, those articles must also be solid in color (black, purple, or grey). Students are not permitted to wear undershirts that are not within uniform dress code colors.


Pants: Pants must be solid colors of khaki, black or grey. Skirts and shorts are allowed as long as they are in compliance with the district expectations.


**Red or Blue clothing and accessories are not permitted. Examples of items not permitted include shoes, tank tops, hats, etc.


**Franklin Hoodies and plain, solid colored hoodies that are solid black, purple, or grey will be permitted in the building. Any hoodie not within Franklin dress code is not allowed in the building. Crew neck sweatshirts that are solid black, purple, grey will also be permitted in the building. All hoodies and crew neck sweatshirts must be worn with a collared uniform shirt underneath.