Adriana Munoz

Posted by KIM DESMOND on 5/20/2019 8:00:00 AM

Adriana Munoz















At the beginning of high school, Adriana Munoz did not like school. She attended five Greeley high schools and struggled to understand the value of attending class and doing homework.


"[As a] freshman, I was thinking 'let me get out of this charter school...I don't want to be here, I'm surrounded by all kinds of people I can't relate to," Adriana said. "I was just worried about, like, fitting in and I want[ed] to be a cool kid."


After attending a charter preparatory school for one semester, she transferred to Greeley West High School.


"From [Greeley West], I got a taste of public school life...and from there I kind of started missing school and having fun instead and ended up going to all the schools in the district," Adriana said.


After Greeley West, Adriana attended Greeley Central and Northridge. In the middle of her junior year, she transferred to Jefferson High because she needed to get her grades up in order to graduate on time.


"I didn't want to waste my time anymore," Adriana said. "I realized that my time was really, really precious and there's only so much I could do with it so I need to make the most of it."


At Jefferson, Adriana's science teacher, Dan Stubbs, helped her focus on what really matters.


"[Dan] has this way of explaining's just like 'Boom!' he's grasping your attention," Adriana said. "He really made me like science and that too was like 'ok, if I want to do this and I want to do that, then I can't be doing this."


Adriana began to take schoolwork seriously and developed a strong interest in environmental science. She also helped start a recycling program at Jefferson High. Next fall, she plans to work and attend Aims Community College with the goal of transferring to Colorado State University to study astronomy, environmental science, or wildlife biology.