Guadalupe Nabor

Posted by KIM DESMOND on 5/23/2019 8:00:00 AM

Guadalupe Nabor


Guadalupe Nabor used to be a shy, insecure person who wasn't very invested in her education or community. But when she discovered all of the opportunities and programs she could access as a freshman at Greeley West High School, her perception changed. She enrolled in the IB program to challenge herself and make new friends. 


"I really liked IB English and Art because I got to express myself in different ways," Guadalupe said. "It was a safe space for our thoughts so we would all share."


She also joined AVID, a national school-based program that helps close the achievement gap by providing academic support and professional development opportunities for students.


"It provided me different opportunities that I will take into college like studying tips, organization [skills] and professional connections," Guadalupe said. "I also got the opportunity to go to the Capitol to talk about the impact that AVID has on me because of the equity they are trying to achieve for their students."


Now Guadalupe's hard work has finally paid off. She will attend the University of Northern Colorado next fall. 


"Sometimes it feels surreal that this is all happening because you wouldn't think that a student like me would be able to accomplish all these things," Guadalupe said. "I wouldn't have been able to do it without AVID and IB and all the teacher support and confidence in me."