Get Down (October 2021)

It's tough to have a job where you stand all day
And never, ever, ever, ever get to sit.
If only I could move I'd shout, "Hooray!" 
And I'd twist and then I'd bend and then I'd stretch a bit.

After hearing this poem, we discovered it was a story about a scarecrow. We worked diligently to speak the rhythm at the same time as a class, then added our hands to pat the rhythm on our legs so it matches our words. The next day, we came back to check in and make sure we knew the words and rhythms without having to look at the poster and went down the hall to the band room where the tubano drums were waiting for us and transferred the rhythm to those.

5F Get Down.m4a, 123.84 KB; (Last Modified on October 21, 2021)